The Golf Beginners Guide

Welcome to the game of Golf! The most frustrating and rewarding game on the planet, also known as the game of misses. Golf should come with a high-risk warning of gaining a serious addiction.

Golf is a game of misses. He who misses best, wins.

Ben Hogan

Golf, often referred to as the “gentleman’s game,” is a sport – yes, it is a sport – that combines skill, precision, patience, perseverance and a strategic thinking in one.

Whether you’ve been intrigued by watching professionals on television and/or social media or simply want to try something new, golf is a fantastic choice. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the game of golf and its basic principles, providing you with a solid foundation and understanding to start your golfing journey.

Getting Started

To begin your golfing journey, consider taking lessons from a golf professional or attending a golf clinic for beginners. They can teach you proper techniques, swing mechanics, and help you develop a solid foundation.  

Though nowadays in the age of social media there is a fast amount of Golf knowledge to be found online, with especially on YouTube. YouTube offers a wide variety of content to learn more about the game and to improve your game created by professionals and influencers, more content about this topic is to come soon.

Second is to practice regularly at the driving range to improve your swing and gain confidence. Familiarize yourself with different clubs, experiment with different shots, and focus on developing a consistent and controlled swing. If you put in the time, the golf game will come eventually.  

Look for a golf club that offers a wide range of practice facilities like Putting, Chipping and Bunker practice areas. If you find a club that offers a free to play 9 holes 3-par range, go for it! You can’t practice your short game enough. 

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the process! Golf can be challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity to spend time outdoors, connect with others, and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

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